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Personal Imagine 11: Amy + Anthony

Personal Imagine for dreamoutloud1993

Sitting on your couch you can’t help but scroll through your mentions on twitter and see what all the ‘fans’ are saying about you and Anthony being together. You both knew that coming out about your guy’s relationship would upset some people which in return would result in you getting some hate but you never thought it would be this bad.  In the back of your mind you can’t help but think back to high school and thinking that the bullying and awful things would stop there. Anthony peered over your shoulder and say the things his fans were saying about you and he was furious! He wrapped his arms around you from behind and whispered in your ear that he would fix this and everything would be fine. He sat down next to you and rubbed your thigh as you tried to fight back the tears threatening to spill out of your eyes. Anthony tweeted out the longest message telling every single reason why he loved you (a mere 200 and counting…) and how when he sees that you’re hurt by the words people are saying he’s hurting too. It didn’t seem like much to him but when you read what he had said about you you couldn’t help but give him the biggest hug and smother him with kisses. You knew that Anthony loved you but you couldn’t have imagined he loved you as much as he did.

I hope you like it Amy! Sorry for the wait.

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